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I teach Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

I train TRE® Providers

I like to empower you to use TRE®

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Pay for a session via YOKO and receive a confirmation of your payment and a ‘How to’ PDF via email. Arrange a date and time for your session via email or WhatsApp.

My schedule does not allow me to offer set times for online sessions, however, I am flexible and you are invited to let me know your preferred date/time.

I am looking forward to meet you online !


One hour TRE Session online via Zoom for beginners and those who do TRE® without guidance at home.


One hour TRE Session online via Zoom

Supervision for certified Providers including facilitation questions and personal TRE®

My Book

The years 2020/21 were silent years of reflection and I used the time to go back to my creative roots of writing and painting.

I discovered again the therapeutic quality of creative pursuit which came naturally to me in my youth, in which I was supported by my family and which fell by the wayside but never given up. In April 22 I published a book about my journey out of grief, supported by TRE®. It is a powerful testimony and inspiring story and includes some of my artwork.

You will receive my book as PDF ebook. After successful payment you will be redirected to a download page. .

TRE® Video teaching for

Certified Providers

The ART of Facilitating TRE®

A pre-recorded video teaching for certified TRE® Providers on the creative, intuitive elements of the TRE® practice and facilitation. I speak about Art as communication medium, the motivation of 'helping others', the importance of body language, observation skills and awareness, the empowering element of TRE and the importance of knowing yourself - not just inwardly but plainly 'looking in the mirror'.

On successful purchase you will be redirected to the video for viewing (30min). You may save the link to access it again or later.


I train TRE® Providers ONLINE together with my friend and trainer colleague Anya Bloom from Israel. All information about our course, dates and fees are available on our website.

Let's shake together!

Call, text, or email me and let's talk.


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